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Posted in About Talking Point by teslik on July 30, 2009

I discontinued this blog in October 2007.  At the time I was writing about financial markets for the Council on Foreign Relations, the Dow had just hit its all-time high, and some journalists were getting a little giddy. While I certainly didn’t predict the full severity of what was to come, I had done my bit, months before, to illuminate what crumbling subprime debt markets might mean for banks and for the broader economy.

When the crisis came, I found myself very much overwhelmed with work (aside from my normal coverage, which certainly multiplied, here’s what I produced during this period). Needless to say, the blog had to go.

This summer, I left the Council to accept a job offer from Roubini Global Economics.  I’ve been itching to wade back into the blogosphere, and while I’m not any less busy over here in the private sector, the professional transition seems like the best excuse I’m likely to get.

So… I’m resurrecting this old carcass of a blog.  My goals for content are more or less unchanged.  They are outlined here, in the initial introduction I wrote when I first started this thing.

Happy reading.  With luck, my blogging won’t coincide with a market peak the way it did in 2007!

– Lee

An Introduction

Posted in About Talking Point by teslik on July 29, 2007

Clearly there are far too many blogs in the world. Say what you will about Web 2.0, it strikes me as more than a little narcissistic to presume that we can shoot our views off into the ether and that anybody other than immediate family will care to read them, let alone engage them.

I’m putting together this blog, then, not as a place for me to spout off — because nobody wants that, really — but as a resource. Ideally, this space can evolve into a useful forum for collecting good tidbits of information and analysis on the intersection of business and foreign policy, both for my own personal use and for the benefit of anyone else who cares to check it out.

If you have recommendations, or can point me in the direction of good resources, by all means please do.